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(no subject)

Annnnnd new art!

One odd and silly little piece:

and at long last, the walrus! (The transvestite walrus, admittedly. But I am not gonna be the one to tell a thousand pound bull walrus that he can't wear a pretty hat if he wants to.)

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Oh thank you. Your Pig Flies cheered me up when I really needed it.

Looks like a Physalia hat! Er. Man-o-war.

.... XD
I love your brainmeats :D

lovely! We have a cat who is both gay (in a Noel Coward stylee), and a walrus (don't ask). Please may we use your picture on his web page? - obviously, we will credit it properly.

you can find Pteppic here

Since I can't imagine anyone else will have that combination, feel free!

Belated much thanks, or much belated thanks, or something...

As Mac said, we'll credit: do you want a URL link and, if so, to where? Oh, and thanks also for the mammoth garlic - one is somehow reminded of Salzy Silverio in Fourth Mansions:
"Not twisted," Salzy once said of her own passion, "it is helical. That sounds better."

I love that the walrus has his eyes closed. He looks so happy. :)

You know what'll happen now, dont you? The jellyfish hat will sell a few prints, but the flying pigs will be noticed by a modern art critic, interpreted as a commentery on modern life, bought up by some rich collector and end up in the Louvre ;)

-Big Dave

I'm resigned to it, really...

[Alopex] You know, Sofawolf Press has published very few stories about anthropomorphic sea creatures, but I'm tempted to put together an anthology JUST so that I could use that picture on the cover. It's wonderful! A adore the expression on the walrus' face.

Strangely, the gnarly, blotchy skin reminds me of someone who sat next to me at dinner last night...

*grin* Hey, if you decide to do anything like that, Mr. Walrus would love to model his new hat on a cover, I'm sure...

Argh! Too funny. ('gryn) Great work as always! Thoroughly the product of a demented mind, but truly great.

You... why... I just... argh.

Siblings should not be separated. Same price for this one? And a promise that you won't do any more sushi bonnets because dammit, I could have 20 shares of Coca Cola at this point? :>

Aw, poor Dour! I didn't mean to drain your cash flow, I just needed to paint a walrus...but still, he's all yours, same price, no prob.

And I think I've gotten the sushi thing out of my system for now...*grin* Your wallet is safe!

Dammit, you can always make me smile, no matter how jetlagged I am! That walrus is purely Ursula (ie, fantastic!).

I've been following your art for a while now, ever since my friend discovered you on Elfwood - and think I'm kind of hooked; I even dream about it (in a big bus, trying to make my family appreciate how fantastic it was and searching the bus to find you but alas, you had vacated and I was forced to attend the Green Day concert alone and without a mobile). Felt I should probably comment just to let you know... It's not often I dream about people I've never met/seen a picture of. Oh, and I adore Black Dogs!

Te walrus is fun, yes, but I like the pigflies better. :) That has to be the most disgruntled rabbit I've ever seen in my life. And when pigs fly, you're going to need a really big swatter. *coffee through nose* I should know better than to hit your LJ when I'm still waking up ... Bring the pigflies to MF and I'll pick up a print. Can't afford an original, sadly... not unless I sell completely out of all the inventory I'm bringing to MFF. *fingers crossed*

*grin* Will do! I'll have prints available, and y'know, I'm always up for a trade with a fellow artist, too!

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