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(no subject)

Had an awful nightmare that I was coughing up handfuls of worms. Seriously disgusting. After expectorating several pounds of wiggly horror, I realized that there was no way I could have that many worms in my lungs or stomach and not be dead, and I started thinking about the X-Files episode where people were coughing up pins that had magically appeared in their throats because of voodoo or something, and from there, jumped to "Aha! These can't be real worms! I'm coughing up whatever I'm thinking of, and since the worms creep me out, that's make me cough up even MORE worms, etc." Well, fine. Could I cough up something else then? Somehow I decided on a peacock statue (I am weird, yes) as the ideal test subject, concentrated, and then horked up a small lapis statue of a peacock, about the size of a jumbo pack of gum. It was a pretty crappy carving, not very defined, but it was undeniably a lapis peacock. "Aha!" I thought. "Then these can't be real! Okay, everything not real, go away!" and by staring at them accusingly, managed to make the piles of worms and the peacock vanish, except for one small pile which was evidentally needed for DNA testing in a murder (although since I wasn't the murderer, and the worms wouldn't be much good at wielding knives, I have no idea how that was supposed to work.)

Anyway, it was pretty revolting and I was glad to wake up.

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Dude, I had a dream like that once but I was coughing up little baby gold fish...fish seem to haunt my dreams alot XD

Wierd, I thought I was the only one who horked goldfish in my dreams! I few nights ago I drempt that I spit a few of them out, and then realized that some of them had swum up into my nasal passages/sinuses and gave me a stuffy nose.

Perhaps it was allergies affecting me while I slept. I hate the term... but I think I might have been pestered in my sleep by a... booger. And my mind decided that "tiny goldfish" was much better.

I wouldn't normally have shared that, but since the subject came up.. *grin*.

Welcome to the Dream Club. Here's our host, Morpheus!

I dreamt I was on a waterslide because my old school was a waterpark for some reason, and I kept going under without enough air. My stupid old classmates were all wearing those big colored floaty things, but I went down the slide at Mach 3, so I couldn't wear one. Either that, or I didn't need one. But my teacher was definitely bitching about something, possibly to do with fruit. Or a car.

Oh, I have hayfever. Well, at least I woke up. I'd hate to die and be a ghost underwater in a dream forever, because those bastard classmates could sure churn the water with their legs.

Dude, the Brothers Chaps are scripting your dreams....

...in Perl, I suspect.

There's a beautiful peacock statue in Linderhof, one of Mad King Ludwig's palaces in Bavaria. Unfortunately, I'm neither a good photographer nor did I have good equipment to be a medicore one with. Another slightly blurry photo can be with google. Oh! I love google: here's a good image.

The thought of a stature this size coming out of one's mouth is... well. Snakes can unhinge their jaws.. *merrygrin*

OK, back to work!

That is, indeed, a lovely statue. Mine was nowhere near that cool.

I suspect that's only because you havent' painted yours yet. *grin*

*giggles* If there is a weird dream club, I need to hear about it. Except for the bit where you actually got control of the dream, and the bit where you suspected that what was going on seemed unusual, you could easily have been talking about one of my own.

Example: riding a horse that randomly shifts into a golf-cart through feudal Japan, with no little 'voice of reason' in the back of your head muttering "hmmmm...perhaps there is something wrong with this picture"

I once had a dream that I was looking through a gallery of your art, and then I came on a little bio of yours, and it listed your DoB as 1922 or something, and then I thought "Whoa! Ursula's 82 years old? I had no idea! I thought she was a lot younger, or something."

Anyway, I think the ability to cough up anything you imagine would be pretty cool.

"Damn, I forgot to bring a pen! Oh well. *furious hacking*"

"Shoot... I seem to be short on cash as the moment."

Or would the cash be blurry and undefined, so that it would be instantly recognizable as a fake? I figure live worms, even if they're just c. elegans or something very simple like that, are far more complex than a dollar bill, so maybe the peacock statue was more a failure of imagination than of your pulmonary generative powers. Then, maybe I'm demanding too much coherence and consistency from dreams.

sometimes it stops lurking

Interesting... when I first stumbled on her at yerf, I thought she WAS about that old. I'm not sure why, though I have the lurking suspicion that I know someone else named Ursula who IS that age, but if I do, she must be mad because she never writes. Maybe that's why I forgot her! Well, if she's going to be like that I just won't write to HER, either!

(Deleted comment)
Oh good - I wasn't the first one to geekily (meant in the best way possible) mention Harry Potter and Poor Ron's slugs. XD

Wow, that sound's...yucky. My dreams are almost always either short little blurbs that make absolutly no sense what so ever, or me reliving something I did in the past few days. Then there is the occasional dream about something really stupid/insignificant that eventually happens in real life. No, I'm not psychic...I just make a lucky guess sometimes.

We'll see in November just how well my "psychic" dreams work...hehehe.

I call shenanigans!

Your dreams resemble mine to a suspicious degree. I'll have you know that mentally snooping around other people's dreams is, like, totally banned by the Geneva Convention, probably. Unless you're a psychiatrist.

This isn't to say that I have many dreams involving vomit, worms or peacock statues; it's more of a weirdness level. That's right, my weirdness level is patented! Or, uh, copyrighted! I'm pretty sure copyright law covers that. Somthing to do with original creation, and all that.

Oh, and I love your drawings. More than that, I love the little stories they come with.

But don't think that'll stop me from totally suing you for international subconscious thought theft! We live in the... well, in the ones, but that doesn't sound right. My point is, things aren't nice and fluffy like they never were!

Re: I call shenanigans!

Dude, if you don't want people to steal your dreams, you have to put a giant red watermark across them that says "COPYRIGHT ME MEE ME ME!!!!!1!1one! Steal and I KEEEEL U!"

Then we'll know who's boss.

Re: I call shenanigans!

Ohhh, right. Well, I'd better steal the software for that, then.

You win this time, Ursula! But you wouldn't have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those darn... er... well, you wouldn't!

However, I must print a retraction: My puppy informs me that things ARE, in fact, nice and fluffy. At least, he is.

I bet your worms and peacocks can't say THAT!

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