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(no subject)

"While closely related to elephant garlic, mammoth garlic is shaggier and has much more dramatic tusks, making its home in the far north. A typical herd is led by a garlic matriarch and contains a number of adult females and their young cloves. While female garlic remains with the herd, juvenile males will eventually leave to join the loose bachelor herds of garlic bulls."


I can explain.

I think.

Give me a minute.

Okay, I was at my parent's place, I was drunk, there was this swedish apple brandy involved, and I had a glass and set it down on the table and gazed blankly at my stepfather, who was slicing a lemon, and I said "How come nobody taxidermies vegetables?" and it all kinda snowballed from there, with the lemonlopes and...well, anyway.

The only thing I can say consistently about my art is that it always makes sense in my head at the time.

On a random note: The prints I got from you (Dutch auction + Hanged Tarot) were fantastic! The Hugging Lizards were my parents' anniversary present, and they loved it.

Thanks again.

HAHAHA! OMG that picture rocks. I am sooo glad that I added you. Whoa, so surreal. XD

Delightfully surreal!

May I suggest putting the explanation under the picture? The text really adds to the impact of the image.

I've got it as such wherever possible...maybe I should print it out on a card for shows. *grin*

What in God's name is wrong with you? :D

And let me know if you start selling prints of that.

Okay I laughed.

The only problem I see is the lack of atmospheric perspective towards the horizon, but other wise, this was a great laugh.


We Know You're Strange, You Don't Have to Keep Proving It

And someone, somewhere, is going to buy that. Soon.

I bet Level Head will like it. :D

Re: We Know You're Strange, You Don't Have to Keep Proving It

*laugh* From your mouth to the art gods' ears--I half-suspect they'll find this one in a dark corner of my studio after I die.

Woo hoo! (does happy mammoth garlic dance) Hey, if there can be mammoth garlic, there can be a mammoth garlic dance. OK? OK. (has zucchini daiquiri to see if any interesting art ideas pop into head...)

I love you, and I want to give you all my money. :)

Please tell me that you're selling prints of that, so I can give you all my money. :)

Ah--I hope to be! I haven't gotten it worked out quite yet, 'cos of the weird format, but I'll post here as soon as I get prints worked out.

Don't you mean herds of garlic bulbs?

Also, the Japanese do the next best thing - fake vegetables. And other foods, but you know. And dried roses!

You are so delightfully weird!

That belongs in a restaurant somewhere. :)

HahaHAHAhahahaHAhahahahahahaha, hahaHAhahahahaha, hahaha, ha...weeze... hahahah...hehahahahahHAhaha...

Why the heck is that so funny?

My mother thinks you're great.

This, lady, is a high compliment. My mother is very cool. (She has an LJ, even, but never updates it.)

*grin* Please thank her for me, then!

(Deleted comment)

My aunt would love something like this. If there's prints, it's on the list of potential christmas gifts.

I have to say, you are a true blessing to the art world. I've heard many conversations where someone says something totally absurd, and another person says, "oh, how I would love to see a drawing of that!" Of course, these ideas rarely ever get drawn, but you have the nerve (or the lack of self-restraint ;) to do it over and over again! It's fantastic! And so much detail, too! I love it!