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The high mountain crags are home to that majestic creature, the Bighorn pear. The nimble pears somehow traverse the steep rocks without slipping and falling to their doom, and few fructovores can reach them in their chosen home. In the fruiting season, male pears often engage in vicious stem-butting contests, and the crack of horns (and squish of fruit) resounds through the mountains. Here, a male pear keeps watch over a female pear and a pearlet (the stem will fall off as the young pear matures.)

I painted this in a furious sprint, on that awesome cradled smooth clayboard. Acrylic, 12 x 24. Now I'm all exhausted. But I sold the garlic! So life is good and wonderful and my brain is complete sludge from hammering out two fairly big paintings in three mad days.

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You never cease to amaze me. :)

It's the smooth clayboard--the textures you can get with washes are just unfreakingbelievable.

A pearler!

What absolutely MAKES this picture is the fact that, in the absence of any facial features whatsoever, you can FEEL the mother pear's protective regard for her little pearlet.

I noticed that in the top left hand corner is a horse's face. I wonder if it was intentional

And now that i look closer I see a seaturtle and a bovine face as well. I wonder if there is a hidden wombat.

*laugh* I hadn't put anything in deliberately, but I know the human eye finds patterns easily, so there may well be crouching sea turtle, hidden wombat or something.

You're right, I can see a phoenix, a bear, a wolf and a sort of sunset with a mermaid. I think I have an over-active imagination. (although in no way rivalling the great Ursula's, of course.)

I found the horse (actually, it looks more like a warthog to me... or at least a donkey)... could you do a tracing of some sort so I can find the others? :)

Oh, I found the mermaid, I think.. if you mean merman, anyway... >_> that's deffinately a masculine torso..

If you made a series of these, Ursula, you will have found your niche. Seriously. I'd love to see a ferocious cauliflower, or pineapple, or some sort of melon...

I simply cannot wait for the moosemelon.

The. Greatest. Fruit-animal-picture. Ever.

You should do a 2005 calendar outta this stuff.

Dangit! I can't afford it! :)

Waaaaaaah*prints*waaaaaaah :)

I love these. I know you can't control the muse all the time, but I totally agree that a calendar with these images would be wonderful.

I would probably end up buying a calendar of this stuff... at least one. I can think of several people for whom this would appeal to (loving the Far Side) without being "too weird" (y'know.. animal people are WAY weirder than fruit-animals!)

(Deleted comment)
*grin* Yeah. I should write a post sometime about foolish-confidence-as-key-to-productivity or something...

I linked to the pic in another window, blinked, shook my head with amused bemusement, and continued reading.. and went "female pear? pearlet? There's more?" and scrolled down.

The top half (wchih was all that was visible) was certainly fine and whimsy enough by itself, but coupled with the bottom half, it pushes the pic from "oh my that's weird but fascinatingly so" to "holy shit that's weird... gotta stare at it..." levels.

Never stop. Please.

Funny, that. It's a pear... and a sheep... yet somehow when you put the two together the ensemble somehow says "Mollusc!" stronger than either.

You are so very weird. :)

Fructovores!!! inspiration and insanity are often confused *giggles* i think i shall go eat a pear now

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