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Some exciting news today! Sofawolf announced it, so I can finally discuss it here--they're publishing a book of my stuff, hopefully in time for Midwest Furfest. It'll be a B&W sketchbook sort of thing mostly, so it'll be primarily stuff that isn't available on-line--sketches, the original line drawings for various paintings, weird random doodles of the sort I occasionally post here, etc, all with, um, commentary. (Probably at greater length than anyone wants to read...) So hopefully it'll come together, and be snazzy!

Presumably it'll be available for order through their website, so I'll put a link up here late November (or whenever.)

So that was really gratifying to have come together--we'd been talking about doing it for a coupla months, and it looks like it will. I feel warm 'n fuzzy.

And the pears sold. I am sorely tempted by the calender idea--I dunno if my passion for weird fruit would sustain another ten paintings, but I can't help but think it'd be pretty snazzy. I just worry vaguely that if forced to sit through another TEN paintings, people will think I'm doing it as a saleable gimmick. And stagnating. And...y'know.

And then I think "Screw it, antlered turnips would be COOL."

Artistic angst cannot hold up long against the onslaught of the antlered turnip. Or the lemonlopes.

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Midwest Furfest? What is this Midwest Furfest?

And it sounds to me like you're already motivated to do at least a few more of the series. I know I'd like to see what else you come up with, whether or not exactly ten more come out of it.

I'm just here to add my vote to the "We want lemonlopes" crowd and the "I would definitely buy a fruit calendar" crowd.

Avacados. The world needs wild wrinkled avacados.

And eggplants. What's not to love about that color?

No question you could get 12 months.

But who would be the coverfruit? Or coverveggie?

Perhaps a seperate painting of a fruitbowl of these things?

I'm sure a painting of a kumquat would sell just on the name alone!

I'd buy the calendar. I'd buy multiple copies and give them to my friends.

Squee! Lemonlopes!

The world needs a Wild Fruit of the World calendar.

Let me cast my vote for the Grizzy Pineapple and the Timber Carrot. :)

If you don't do a kiwi kiwi, the world will surely be a darker place.

Or maybe that's too obvious, but it'd be so darned adorable!

How to Prepare Kiwi
Had this on my computer, from goodness knows where, but I figured it might amuse.

I want a print of the mammoth garlic!

definitely a monthly thing...

of course i also would like to put in a request for the herds of wild artichokes that used to once roam france... and possibly the exotic and rare passion fruit (which for some reason i see frolicking amongst hindu ruins).

great... and the lemonlopes!

now look what you've started.

Re: definitely a monthly thing...

passion fruit (which for some reason i see frolicking amongst hindu ruins).

I have absolutely no idea why, but yes. That just works.

For some reason, the vision of a strawberry with a chicken beak and rooster comb came to mind.

Glad they're finally publishing a book of your work...will the title be "I Can Explain..."?

Ha--I like that title. :-)

And I do believe I've decided what to get myself for my birthday this year (which just happens to be in late November). My gift to myself last year was the collector's edition of LoTR: The Two Towers, and since I'm sure someone will already be getting me the collector's edition of Return of the King this time, my gift to myself this year will be Ursula's random collected works (plus thoroughly entertaining commentary:-). Actually, even though I'll actually be shelling money out for it, it could be seen as *Ursula's* birthday gift to me--thanks Ursula, it's just what I wanted. ;-)


Congratulations on the book, that's great news.

If you're afraid of people thinking you're obsesed/greedy/whatever if you did 12 painitngs, you could go for a calendar with 6 plates ;)

Congrats to the book :)
Ah, and Sofawolf even has a distributor in Germany :D

Art? I can make art at home!
All I need is a smaaaall aubergine!

Yay for book!

Also, I, for one, would buy the weird fruit calendar.

Congrats on the book! :D

I wonder what fruit & veg would be aquatic? (Other than cucumbers and gooseberries, of course.) I have visions of ships dragged down by a vegetable Kraken, possibly of the pea family.

Oh. My. God. Sea cucumber! I can just see it now...underwater scene with a regular old garden cuke just floating there.

If you *do* make a calandar, it is altogether imperative that it be peppered with random funny quotes from your goodself. Here are a few good candidates that made me laugh so much I added them to my collection:

They are also completely insane, being size sixteen spirits stuffed into size .0005 bodies. A hummingbird, in its own mind, is ten stories tall with grendade launchers and gunports. A hummingbird knows, down in the hollow toothpicks of its bones, that it can kick your ass.—Ursula Vernon

I eventually made my escape with a backpack and some indecipherable Japanese stationary, which for all I know exhorts children to overthrow their capitalist running dog masters for the greater glory of Hello Kitty. (Actually, I'd be way more likely to buy it if that was the case...)—Ursula Vernon

In the fight between the art and the artist, the art always wins.—Ursula Vernon

Fengor the Mauve could never figure out why the other wizards didn't take him seriously, but he knew all that would change once he managed to extract gold from a chicken.—Ursula Vernon

I am not fit to operate a motor vehicle. I am barely fit to operate a blanket.—Ursula Vernon

Practically anybody can put their emotions on paper, but a good artist can put stuff on paper they've never even felt before, aren't currently feeling, and sing along to 'Don't Worry, Be Happy,' while laying down washes on scenes of grisly torture. ~ Ursula Vernon

See? You're funny! But then, most people are. You are, however, talented at being funny in a public and recordable way.

Oh, I am loving the quote list. By the time I realized what genius these quotes truly were, I had already passed up so many it seemed silly to start in the middle to collect them. Perhaps the book could have a small section for Urslisms.

And as to the above comment about a fruit bowl containing the monthly allocation of fruits and vegetanimals -- good heavens! It seems unlikely that they would all be herbivores. It'd be like tossing a random handful of African mammals into a bowl and watching them butcher each other. Only with fruit juice staining the lips of the carniverous lionpenos, and the pale white flesh of exposed and mutilated bighorn pears.

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