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(no subject)

The clayboard is causing a time warp.

There are things I should be working on. My normal method, when I want to paint, but need to get things done, is to alternate--lay a wash on the paintings, run in, work on the digital commissioned work stuff until the wash dries, run back, lay another wash, play with paint for a few minutes, run back to the digital.

I thought I was doing this, but mysteriously, over an hour seems to be passing each time I go into the studio to noodle around with the clayboard.

On the other hand, I have figured out how to make rocks that impress even me, and I would have sworn that I was as jaded to painted rocks as it's physically possible to be without being dead.

But that's how it catches me. I go in and look at my rocks, and think "Great rocks!" and then I see a spot that could be even better, and I grope for a paintbrush, and suddenly it's two thirty and my lunch is cold.

I think I have a problem. And yet...still, no remorse. Remorse may come when I have to stay up all night finishing noblemen for the next Conan RPG expansion, but right now...nothin'.

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Well...you get some clayboard. And then you splat fluid acrylic Paynes gray and a lot of water on it. And then, when it's mostly dry, you scrub at it and pick up bits and so forth.

And then you do a transparent wash of raw umber fluid acrylic over that.

And then more paynes gray.

And then neutral gray, with a small brush, doing little...err...scriggly bits to define the rock shapes. Put it on, scrub off bits, etc.

And then paynes gray and raw umber, almost black, to do the shadows.

And then paynes gray and white for more scriggly bits.

And then titan buff fluid acrylic and a very fine sponge to do a kind of fine poinky texture, and scrub off bits.

And then colored pencil, 'cos it's clayboard, and it'll take colored pencil.

That's as far as I've gotten...

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