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Nestwatch #3

We got squirmy wiggly naked things!

Since the likelihood of miniature naked mole rats spontaneously generating from the aether on my deck is slim--although I'd like to think that if they were going to spontaneously generate anywhere, my deck is as likely as anyplace, and more so than some--I think it's likely that the Carolina wren eggs have hatched!

I think there's two of 'em so far, but it's dim out, and raining, so I can't see very clearly. Updates later.

I'm so excited. Yes. I did squeal. Out loud. And I REGRET NOTHING!

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Should we call you Auntie Wombat now? ;-)

Get the digicam and have some fun posting pics of your avian family?


Whoo hoo! Yay for nekkid birdlets! I hope they show up in your art soon. :P

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