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(no subject)

My latest Weird Fruit painting isn't working. I did "Radishes of Paradise" which are perched like birds. And the idea is solid, and the composition is good, but...the execution didn't quite work. It's not anything I can put my finger on, but it just ain't there. I think I pushed it too far, too fast or something, in my wild enthusiasm for the subject and the media. So that'll sit in my studio and be glared at for awhile. I'll try another one later--I've got no shortage of ideas for 'em--but these are Not Working.

However, I did this, and I was really pleased with the rocks, and the more I learn about the weird little hooded ungulates, the more I like 'em. So on the whole, it was a positive art day, even if having paintings fail always makes me a little sad and grumpy.


At long last, after many travails--particularly that awful thing with the water buffalo and the kumquat, he'd be waking up screaming for years after THAT--the hooded donkey had arrived, his goldfish at the ready. Nothing could stop him now!

Acrylic and some other random stuff on that snazzy cradled clayboard, which I am deeply madly truly in love with. It'll go to Trinocon, unless someone would like to buy it first. And I can do prints!

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*peers at the donkey*

Ursula, you are a very, very peculiar woman.

Those are, however, very nice rocks you did. :)

Thank you! They're actually derived from a fairly common wildlife art technique--you put a critter in the rocks, and then all the cracks in the rocks lead to the creature, so it sort of subtly draws the eye. Been wanting to try that for awhile, and it seemed like a good opportunity.

that's a big donkey.

Or, at least, those look like much larger rocks than a normal donkey would imply. Really really impressive rocks, recognizable rocks, I can practically feel the lichen and the faint variable grittiness between the high parts and the low parts.

I've been squinting at the thing for a couple of minutes now, but those rocks are still the whole slabbed mountain side, and the donkey... the donkey is warping my sense of scale, that's what it's doing. My hind brain insists that is a tuna fish in the bag, and the donkey could drop-kick King Kong.

-- Graydon

I'm putting a person in place of that donkey, and it looks quite a lot like a photo I might take at Sabino Canyon.

Sabino Canyon?! WooHoo, another Tucson LJer :) Well, almost another Tucson LJer, as I"m in Vegas, but hey, close enough! :)

I know those rocks very well myself - I've scrambled all over 'em too...


Yep. Born, bred, and fiercely loyal to the place. :P

I am FLOORED by those rocks. And I love that silly donkey.

Rocks without penises? How is this possible?! There must be some! *searches*

OH MY GOD! You're right! They're--they're--not phallic!

Can Armageddon be far behind?

"Childe Francis to the Dark Tower came..."

"...his words were ever fee, fi, fo, fum
I smell the blood of a furry fan!"

--Tom's A-Cold

Very cool... yes draws the eyes nicely. ^.^

Radishes of Paradise? With the radish greens still attached, hanging along behind like tails?

Exactly! And the narrow root bits like beaks.

Eh, it was a good idea, but I wasn't happy with the eventual piece.

I'm picturing them like fat little robins, with their roots/beaks dipped inquisitively and their greens curled up like the tail of a lyrebird, a gentle dappling of light falling through the leaves to give them the texture of peacock feathers.
Even uf it didn't work, it's still a lovely image.

The donkey is cute. But the rocks are spectacular! Good job!

>>bows before you mad artistry<<

rats, rats, rats - I can't afford to go to TrinocCon and see your work in person!!!

Do you do StellarCon? It's also in NC. It's been in High point, but this coming year will be in Greensboro, in March.

Awwwww, that so...sweet. (!) And you're right, those are great rocks. O.O

Wonderful rocks! It's like the sound you hear in The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, when they're in Moria.

No, really. In most movies, even when they have stony sets, you don't hear the sound that rocks really make as they scrape over each other. In FotR, you do. Likewise, in most fantasy paintings with rocks they don't look really rocky, they're just blobby grey or brown bits. And if the artist's good, you can see they're hard from the way they press into things resting against them or on them — but they don't look rocky. These do.

The donkey... well, the donkey raises a couple of questions for me.
  1. How does he see? I mean the hood might have just fallen over his eyes momentarily, but the position of the ear-holes suggests otherwise.
  2. Why is it that your equine anthros have cloven hoofs? (Actually, this question has occurred to me before.) I mean, yes, it's hard to imagine any creature actually holding anything in a hoof. But you can't see an opposable thumb here, so you could just conclude it's round the back... which leaves me with no explanation for the cleft.

Well, he's meant to have a coupla little digits, actually--this isn't the best example because of the size, but they usually have three fingers and an opposable thumb, or two fingers and an opposable thumb. (There's the edge of a thumb holding the top of the goldfish bag, but it's hard to see, being black-on-black.) I figure manipulating organs are requisite for intelligence, so I always give 'em little finger hoofy things. It's not meant so much to be cloven as not-entirely-fused. His feet should still be one hoof, though.

...well weird veggies...
The burn across my forearm, where I got stupid with the oven this weekend, is showing up nicely. When a co-worker asked what happened I told her that I was attacked by a Wild Baked Potato.
It's all yer fault, ya know?

My latest Weird Fruit painting isn't working. I did "Radishes of Paradise" which are perched like birds. And the idea is solid, and the composition is good, but...the execution didn't quite work.

I realize this probably does not help with the whole 'sad and grumpy' after the failure of a painting, but I hope you can understand why I really, truly hope you'll manage to paint this someday soon. If not, I'm going to point to the icon and tell you it's an inverted picture of the tattoo on my back.

I also hope it gets offered as a print, as I cannot afford one of your originals.

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