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(no subject)

At last, the lemonlopes!


This one is smaller than the previous two--the composition didn't want to go long or tall. But that's okay. I'm hoping to do more, of course--if nothing else, the first two sold so fast!--'cos they're just...cool, damnit. And I have no shortage of ideas. I mean, once you get into the mode where you start combining the animal and vegetable kingdoms, it's hard to shut off. You wake in the night, brain afire with hippotatos and burrowing carrots.

Okay, maybe that's just me.

But nevertheless, I shouldn't force 'em, and I've got the hooded donkey's next adventure in the works to keep me occupied for now, so we'll see what happens next.

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It occurs to me that there is a traditional animal/plant: the Barometz, which is a sheep-bush. But I guess that doesn't count, as its plant part isn't a piece of a plant that's commonly cut off from the rest and processed for human consumption (like the fruit of the lemon, the tuber of the potato, the taproot of the carrot etc.)

Have you read Inventorum Natura, by Una Woodruff? Purporting to be a translation of a voyage of discovery by Pliny, it's got all kinds of xenobiological fantasy paintings, including several plant/animal crosses (e.g. a flamingo that grows out of an iris that hatches from an egg...)

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