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(no subject)

At last, the lemonlopes!


This one is smaller than the previous two--the composition didn't want to go long or tall. But that's okay. I'm hoping to do more, of course--if nothing else, the first two sold so fast!--'cos they're just...cool, damnit. And I have no shortage of ideas. I mean, once you get into the mode where you start combining the animal and vegetable kingdoms, it's hard to shut off. You wake in the night, brain afire with hippotatos and burrowing carrots.

Okay, maybe that's just me.

But nevertheless, I shouldn't force 'em, and I've got the hooded donkey's next adventure in the works to keep me occupied for now, so we'll see what happens next.

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Re: Now you've got MY brain doing it.

I was seeing one emerging, like a mole snout, from the surface. And if the carrot sees its shadow, six more weeks of winter!

Re: Now you've got MY brain doing it.

i had an image of the carrot running the other way. as the farmer bends down to pull up the ripe carrot, he just misses the carrots ferny green tail as it burrows deeper in the soft loam.

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