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Nestwatch #4

There are two tiny gaping maws in the nest. They are unbelievably ugly little things, (as all baby birds are) all membrane covered eyes and lumpy blue-black-pink squishy bodies. I am enthralled.

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Baby avians (gryphlets included) are so incredibly adoribly horrible. I mean... really. Whuhf. Abhorrent.


Nobody draws gryphlets at that really grotesque stage. I have a wonderful and delightfully naturalistic print of a gryphon watching over a group of three downy-stage babies, and they're adorably clumsy and inept looking, while the parents are gorgeous. The other parent is just arriving with a fresh-caught fish for their dinner.

I remember hearing somewhere that the only birds that hatch with their eyes open are raptors... I have yet to independantly verify this.

Heh. I'll be surprised if at least one of my RP characters doesn't have another round of kits to tend for this spring.

Any bird that can walk as soon as its feathers are dry will have it's eyes open...

This includes ducks, chickens, and [an exotic bird whose name and place of origin escapes me], which hatches from the egg nearly full grown.

Basically any ground-nesting bird will hatch with its eyes open and its legs capable of supporting it. It may be that raptors are the only non-ground-nesting birds that do that, but I wouldn't put any money on it.

If you go up to the nest when the mama bird's not around, and you make a whistling noise, the babies will open their mouths for food. It's especially funny when there's a bunch of them and they all do it in unison. Good, clean fun for all ages!

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