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(no subject)

Show on walrus. Ecstatic. So wonderful! The lumpy! The flabby! The bristly! God, I wanna be a walrus.

Lots of painting ideas. It's the clayboard. They're coming so thick and fast that I cannot even begin to hit 'em all. Even if I wasn't swamped with work, I couldn't get them all. My personal irony--the desire to do a painting of an artist overwhelmed by ideas and unable to find time to paint them all, but being unable to find time to paint it.

I am not asking for fewer ideas, but if they'd form some orderly queues, or line up alphabetically, or even just not all yammer in my ear at once, it would be easier on all of us.

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They're so disorganized that some of them are spilling into my head, and I don't paint. Here's the one about walrus operatic mezzo sopranos singing Wagner in valkyrie outfits with long blond braids and horned helmets.

If any ideas for quirky song lyrics about modern life or beaded necklaces with balinese silver and garnets pop up in your head, they're mine. Please send 'em back. Thanks.

PS: LOOOOVE that sea serpent sock puppet painting.

Ooh, if you don't draw that, I will! I swear to God!

You don't need fewer ideas, you just need more Ursulas.

There can only be one! *cue Queen music*

Heeeere we are,
Born to be Kings!
We're the Princes of the Universe!

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they say pelicans are mistaking the mirages from asphalt for lakes and creeks in arizona


The easiest way I can think to get ideas to stand in line, single file, is to get one of those little pocket voice recorders. Just whip that out and spout off into it whilst driving, or grocery shopping, or wherever inspiration takes hold. You can write them down later or make little thumbnail sketches, in order of recording, when you get the time.

Then the only trick is to not get overloaded with 300 itty-bitty cassette tapes. Or for that matter, filling up the one little tape you have and then losing the recorder to the depths of your purse or backpack (as I am wont to do :)

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