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(no subject)

New art!

And the Deviant Art description says it all, rather wordily, so I won't subject you to it.


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enlightenment for the English major?

So, though I read with great happiness your enthusiasm for new materials, I have no clue what cradled clayboard or cradled anything is. I asked my husband, the artist, who has half of his bachelor's degree in painting and he seemed unabled to explain it to me.

So could you explain to a non-artistically-talented person what the heck it is?

Re: enlightenment for the English major?

It's masonite that has this...stuff...on it. It's some kind of weird thin clay that some company invented and patented, and it's Really Cool. Not unlike really absorbant gesso in a way, but it's kinda quirky--it'll take watercolor or acrylic or just about anything.

"cradled" just means that there's a wood framework on the back to prevent warping.

I have to ask...

Will he be returning the goldfish to the ancient seas of its homeland?

If I had the money I would snap that up as fast as a hummingbird on speed. It's just so amazingly wonderfully fantabulous. I'd put it in a place of honor where every visitor would see it, and when people asked questions I would tell them the story over a cup of tea and dote on it as if it were my child.
I think that I'll explode out of WANTING THAT PICTURE now.

::sigh of joy::

I am SO saving up for an original commission.

You know....Terry Pratchett said in some author's note that it makes him happy when people send him banana daquiris.

I bet he'd be even happier to be sent that painting, with accompanying text. Dang, if I had money...

All of the rocks are gorgeous of course (not to mention the rest of the painting), but the one going from under the donkey's ight hoof to the right edge of the photo - the one with the big brown/orange streak - has that 'something went right' look about it. I dunno; maybe it has to do with not having seen the kind of rock formations I'm used to since leaving AZ a few weeks ago, but I figured I'd share anyway.

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