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(no subject)

My first experiment with the shallow shadowbox kind of thing...this is fairly simple (although skin tones in acrylic are never bloody simple, or they're simple like pulling the teeth of angry mules is simple--just pop the pliers around the tooth and yank, nothing to it! and six hours later you're getting a hundred stitches, a tetanus booster, and a new barn.) Um. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Simple first experiment, but I kinda like the.....the....thing. Thing. You know.


Oh! And I have learned, much to my surprise, that the warthog painting--"African Flower"--won the "Guest of Honor's Choice" at the Anthrocon art show. Normanrafferty did a fabulous job, above and beyond the call of duty, getting the thing hung when some of the glass broke, and I am forever grateful.

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When pulling mule teeth aren't you suppose to point at the rafters and yell, "Look! A bird!" Then when the mule drops its jaw in surprise at this quickly seize the offending tooth and yank?

seeing your work at the con was soo cool ^_^

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