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(no subject)

Fear the turnip!


She came out rather a lot like the young hag character currently on Digger. I think that left to my own devices, I default to chunky large-cheeked females or something...

The nifty thing with this piece was that I did the skin tones in watercolor, which is so much easier than painting then in acrylic that there are no words. I did a lot of the underpaintings in watercolor, then sealed 'em with acrylic matte medium and did acrylic bits over the top--it worked out some places better than others, but it was another testament to how cool clayboard is.

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Must... keep it in... my pants...

...what? My wallet keeps trying to escape.

I second the motion

Yeah, that's pretty damn hot. =)

You scare me, Ursula... You really scare me.

Almost as much as the turnip scares me.

Keep it up!

Tsk. If you invite fangirlluff, then fangirlluff you must expect to get. AWESOME, THAT PIECE IS AWESOME. I can't make up my mind if that's a nervous twiddling of beads, or a wrapping-of-beads-around-fist before making turnip mash. (I personally reserve that look that your girl has in her eyes for swede).

Oh, and as an underrepresented member of the chunky, large cheeked female squad, W00t !

Do you have childhood trauma involving radishes? Because I've certainly never found them quite the threat that you seem to be suffering from!

Also! All of the stuff that I got from EllenMillion came in ::gibbers with excitement::

I was kind of expecting a scarier turnip monster type thing, you know little beady eyes and a gaped mouth packed full of yellow, fibrous teeth as it dragged itself along the kerb by its fronds. But I actually think the perfectly mundane turnip is scarier. What is it hiding! What dread secrets lie under it's purplish yellow skin! What? WHAT?

Of course the woman looks perfectly calm about the idea of a turnip menacing her so maybe this is a still from a TV show set in the world of mammoth garlic? Buffy the Turnip Slayer! The one girl in all the world chosen to protect humanity from the threat of possessed, demonic vegetables! Tune in next week to see her take on the Brussell Sprout demons.

Next on Fox: When Good Vegetables go Bad!

(this comment brought to you by very little sleep and a lot of coffee. Count yourself lucky I wasn't rambling on about the Mongol hordes sweeping over their steppe on their mountain bred war-parsnips.)

*snerk* I like the pocket lizard, too.

And definite agreement with whoever said they were reminded of Mercer Mayer. It's the eyes...

[Alopex] What is your secret? How do you make a piece of produce *lurk* like that?

Are vegetables more animate and evil in the South than up here in the Midwest?

Dude, I get the willies whenever I pass a pile of collard greens...

Mind if I make an icon of the lizard in her pocket?

ah snoogle, safely returned from the valley of the wang, now faced with an even worse danger - the turnip.

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