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(no subject)

Today contained the entertaining moment, around fourish, when I suddenly realized that I have a convention in ONE WEEK and have prepared minimally to not at all. I have plenty of originals, but they're expensive originals--I need the small ones, 'cos they're the big sellers. (Which is why I always have to replace them, alas.)

I have not gotten my print stock anywhere near neccessary levels.

The one thing I have managed to do was the one thing that required someone else to expend a lot of effort--namely getting an order with the incomparable Ellen, so that I can sell Stuff in addition to art. So even if my computer explodes tomorrow, I'll still have stuff for the table. But the prints are generally where I turn the significant profits, so with a grunt, I fired up Ye Olde Printer and began what promises to be a week of relative panic.

On the bright side, the swamp has--not receded, but at least is holding, as I wait for confirmation on sketches, and so cannot proceed anyway, and thus may paint small lizard slug-charmers and whatnot without guilt.

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(Deleted comment)
Ah, but it's such fun to stare at all the wonderful costumes! (and then try to figure out who, exacltly, the not-so-wonderful ones are supposed to be).

A point about the furry fandom, yes. D*C's much more straight fantasy/science-fiction oriented. Maybe it was because I was behind a bazaar table with my friend most of the time last year, but I didn't feel nearly as squashed by DC as I did this year by AC. I'll have a bazaar table myself, this year, so we'll see how it goes.

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