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(no subject)

Today contained the entertaining moment, around fourish, when I suddenly realized that I have a convention in ONE WEEK and have prepared minimally to not at all. I have plenty of originals, but they're expensive originals--I need the small ones, 'cos they're the big sellers. (Which is why I always have to replace them, alas.)

I have not gotten my print stock anywhere near neccessary levels.

The one thing I have managed to do was the one thing that required someone else to expend a lot of effort--namely getting an order with the incomparable Ellen, so that I can sell Stuff in addition to art. So even if my computer explodes tomorrow, I'll still have stuff for the table. But the prints are generally where I turn the significant profits, so with a grunt, I fired up Ye Olde Printer and began what promises to be a week of relative panic.

On the bright side, the swamp has--not receded, but at least is holding, as I wait for confirmation on sketches, and so cannot proceed anyway, and thus may paint small lizard slug-charmers and whatnot without guilt.

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...and when, if, you can afford this coast, keep Further Confusion in mind as it's the second biggest to AC.

Beyond that, your stuff is fantastic and, I'm certain, would do quite well at more generic SF&F conventions - I'm thinking Loscon (L.A., Thanksgiving Weekend), ConDor (San Diego, usually end of February or early March), Conjecture (San Diego, beginning of October), CopperCon (Phoenix, early September), LepreCon (Phoenix, in April), and any Westercon or WorldCon. Not to mention other local convention not in my neck of the woods. :)

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