UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

A Hard Day's Filing

It finally had to happen.

James, who often mans the table when I'm off gallivanting at panels, or working on sketchbooks, or whatnot, let it be known that he was not up to another Con of deciphering my rather eclectic print filing.

This is understandable. At any given point, there could be four folders the wombats were in, ("Marsupials," "Cute & Fuzzy," "Odd," "Miscellaneous.") and when things started featuring multiple species (i.e. a woman with a frog) it would break down completely.

Unfortunately, this means that I spent like four hours today sticking teeny numbers to folders and writing out index labels with numbers on them, and god only knows if the system will work in practice. My brain is swimming.

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