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A Hard Day's Filing

It finally had to happen.

James, who often mans the table when I'm off gallivanting at panels, or working on sketchbooks, or whatnot, let it be known that he was not up to another Con of deciphering my rather eclectic print filing.

This is understandable. At any given point, there could be four folders the wombats were in, ("Marsupials," "Cute & Fuzzy," "Odd," "Miscellaneous.") and when things started featuring multiple species (i.e. a woman with a frog) it would break down completely.

Unfortunately, this means that I spent like four hours today sticking teeny numbers to folders and writing out index labels with numbers on them, and god only knows if the system will work in practice. My brain is swimming.

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But James will thank you so!

. . . unless it doesn't work.

And the GU Forum is loving your site.


Shame I don't live anywhere nearby; I'd happily come over and GET! YOU! ORGANIZED! Even though I can't keep myself organized to save my life, I'm great at organizing other people's things in a nice, logical, easy-to-manage fashion.

Let James do it - you have better things to do with pre-con time... like paint! *grin*

Sorry if this comment seems out of place, but I just realized that a black T-shirt with a picture of Chu in her T-shirt would appeal more to me than just "I <3 Goats". Something for after the con; don't want to distract you too much.

Actually, I'm thinking of doing something like the magnet design I had, now that the black t-shirts are available--Chu leaning on a big "I Heart Goats" slogan. But I gotta wait 'til after the Con, and after I get all the Digger t-shirts worked out...

"I am less than three goats" ... ??


It's a new smiley, apparently started in the LJ community since I haven't seen it anywhere else yet. <3 = "heart"

I raise an eyebrow at the notion of filing wombats under "Cute & Fuzzy". While I admit that wombats have much character, having worked with several and been bitten by one i'm disinclined to think any wombat as cute and fuzzy. My experience is that they are either furry footballs of sloth or furry footballs of assertiveness.

If you can bring a laptop (begged borrowed or stolen, if thou ownest not), a simple-to-make database will solve many logistical issues. The "find a word" function would allow you to number paintings and still be able to relate each number to visuals.

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