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Dragon People

Ya know, if I were my namesake (a bear) I sometimes think I'd spend a lot of time poking hornet nests just for amusement. Take the dragon people.

The "dragon people" (sorry, Peganthryus!) is my term for those individuals who either think they're dragons, or that dragons are real, or know dragons personally, or were a dragon in a past life and see fit to tell me about it in aggressive "Your dragons are wrong! Dragons aren't like that!" terms.

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Anime dragongirl


Random Sketchiness...

Playing around with more anime--might follow up the dragon girl with another anthro-mythical type, in this case, a manticore. I remember when I was a kid, I had this book, Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures (mentioned in Irrational Fears) which had the most spectacular illustration of a manticore by Victor Ambrus. But like gorgons, basilisks and chimeras--the original kind, with the goat and the lion and the snake thingy, not the random combination of peculiar species, which, while chimerical, isn't quite the same as the multi-headed classic--manticores are dreadfully obscure beasties. Back when I was writing some of the worst prose ever hammered out by a pre-teen, I had an entire saga featuring manticores, but believe me, we're all glad it's lost to mankind forever and that I graduated onto bigger and better things. Like...err...chupacabras. Um. Right.

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