September 2nd, 2003


The Bad Old Days Live

Was flipping through the local rag here in Tempe while waiting for my fast-food teriyaki chicken to arrive, and noticed an article about polygamy.

More specifically, it was about a town on the Arizona-Utah border, called "Colorado City" which is pretty much run by one of the branches of Mormon fundamentalists that are big into bigamy. Since the local police are owned by these gentlemen, Arizona and Utah law enforcement have teamed up to send police there that will be unaffiliated with any of the locals, in order to try and crack down on the very nasty underage polygamy going on there.
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Since the nice people over at Hogshead Publishing don't mind me showing this around, here's the cover I did for their Crime Scene sourcebook on the Yakuza.

Arm of the Yakuza

Meanwhile, I finally got the next Digger put together. The backlog continues! (Graphic Smash will launch on the fifteenth, so not much longer now...) Thanks to the people who sent nifty song tidbits--this made me realize that our wombat has to stroll through the woods singing rather frequently, just so I can use 'em all! (Love that Molly Malone one...gotta use it next time...) However, I wound up getting kalluna to help me write yet another one because I realized I needed an unusual word in there to hang the next segue on. Which meant that we spent about an hour going through lists of mineral names, which was rather more interesting than it sounds--some of them are so cool! Moolooite! Abswurmbachite! Mathewrogersite! Uytenbogaardtite! What's not to love in those names? If I have children, I'm naming 'em Uytenbogaardtite. All of them. (Fortunately, this is unlikely to occur.)

Finally settled on dichroite, which is an older term for iolite, "water sapphire" which was apparently used by Vikings for navigation because it can supposedly find the sun on an overcast day. This was just too damn cool a tidbit to waste, and even though I have no idea how to work it into the story, I gotta throw it in somewhere.

In other news, got the shit bit out of my legs while having a fantastic meal over at my father and stepmother's, which I didn't notice until I started scratching 'em in my sleep, and ripped the hell outta my legs. Since I cannot shave my legs while they are awash with mosquito welts, they have become stubbly, which only compounds the itch problem in new and exciting ways. I have bathed everything below the knee in Campho-Phenique, but it's not helping. Sigh.
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