September 22nd, 2003


Ursula Visits Art Galleries

Today James and I drove up to Scottsdale to visit some art galleries, on the principle that hey, we're local, I'm doing more originals, maybe we should see what's out there, what's selling, etc.

It took about two hours before our brains became thoroughly saturated, and the last place had an attendant that went after us like a used car salesman trying to sell us some art. I knew it was gonna be bad when the guy looked at James, who was wearing my Matisse T-shirt, and said "So, you like Matisse, huh? We've got..." And James, who doesn't know Matisse from a Mexican jumping bean, and had simply been hunting for a clean shirt because I've been a slacker on laundry this weekend, got a hunted look and started to back away, until the man eventually cornered him among the Norman Rockwell prints.
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