September 28th, 2003


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Before I delve into a rant or ramble or other thing starting with R, a public service announcement--with Monday's comic, we have officially gotten through the Digger backlog! So if you were holding off signing up for Graphic Smash until the new ones start--now's the time, the new ones start goin' up Tuesdays and Thursday, starting midnight tomorrow. And if you sign up before Oct 15, it's only 19.95 for a whole year!

If, on t'other hand, you're poor but still wanna follow the wombat--and I understand completely--if you drop by the day of the update, Tuesday and Thursday--it's free and you can read it. You can't access the archives, but you can still read that day's comic for the 24 hours it's up. (Insidious ploy to get people hooked, ain't it?) Click the niiiiice link...

Ahem. Enough of that.

I got an e-mail not long ago asking me about how I practiced writing, and why, and this made me stare somewhat blankly at the ceiling for a bit. And that's the topic for the day, and because I'm an artist, not a writer, it's mostly a rambling, confused rant that may not be any use to anybody. But hey, that's the chance you take.
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