September 30th, 2003


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Got some sketches done of the old woman living in a rutabaga. It's not quite there yet--I think the idea requires further percolation before it hits paint. I like her face, but it's not quite coming together yet. Part of it may be that she's an old woman, thus guaranteeing that this will not be a terribly popular painting, even if she seems to be drinking a martini and is the owner of an outrageous hat. (Not that I mind that much--I paint mostly for me on things like this--but it's a consideration.) I told James that when I was old, I want to drink martinis and wear outrageous hats. He pointed out that I'm a teetotaler and wouldn't drink a martini if it was handed to me. And this unerring logic flattened me, and I slunk back to my chair.
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