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At the risk of sounding immodest--damn, I make a lotta art.

I mean, I know intellectually that as artists go, I'm fairly prolific, but knowing that, and actually having to run off at least one print (and sometimes four or five, for the big sellers, like "Walking the Frog" and "Sir Bunny") of everything I've done since last year, are two entirely different things.


I'm sitting here, chewing methodically through boxes of archival heavyweight, and I'm still just getting the new work together. Filling up the stock of the ones that always sell out, like the tribal wombat and Shungabunny and god help me, Gothbat, hasn't even started yet.

I'm half-expecting to drop my print books on the table and have it collapse under the weight. I hope people don't get bored flipping through them.

On the bright side, since this is not a huge monster Con and I simply won't move THAT big a print volume, this should set me up, at least partially, for Midwest Furfest, which is where I first learned the lesson "Bring everything and the kitchen sink, because there's no predicting ANYTHING."

I keep swearing that THIS is the Con where I will have a handy-dandy spreadsheet that has all my prints on it so that I can actually track sales, which is something that I should have been doing for at least a year, and haven't been. Man. I hate having to do things like that. It takes me away from painting.

On the other hand, this might not be a bad thing...

Having said that, here's not a painting, but a quick doodle that amused me:

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And I'll volunteer for that position, if it become available! The only jobs I've ever had have been clerical jobs consisting mostly of filing, organizing, and data entry (my first job ever was at my hometown phone company as a temporary file clerk; they had been so busy that the office staff had crates and crates of customer files up in front that had been pulled from the filing cabinets at the back but had never been put back because nobody had time. It was a big mess anytime they needed to find anything, so they hired me for the summer to reorganize all the files and get them back where they belonged, and re-file all the files they pulled any didn't have time to put back. All I did, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, was sit in the file room--which I affectionately called my "troll hole"--and file, file, file).

I'm one of those weird people who *loves* to organize things. I actually do it in an effort to *put off* painting or writing, when there's something I probably ought to be doing but would really rather not right now. Filing and organizing is my clever way of procrastinating while feeling like I'm still being "useful" and "productive." So yeah, I'd more than happily help Ursula organize things in a sensible, intuitive manner, and getting, say, a print of "Sir Bunny vs. The Wockwurm," "Gearworld Invasion," and "The Strange Machinery of Desire" would be more than adequate compensation. :-)


over here - wiz with spreadsheets, will work for art! i'd pack a few extra copies of everything for trinoc-con, some of us have birthday money to spend.

*grin* Ya tempt me, people...

It's probably too late, now--I'd be hard pressed to even compile the list of potential prints for spreadsheeting--but before Furfest, I may tackle somebody for it.

Pwahhhk, pwaaahk, pwahhhhk!

*evil cackle*

Hellebore doesn't look the sort for world domination ... but then, they never do.

Just wanted to pop in to say how much I'm enjoying your "doodles" and other art, and your ramblings about them. And yes, getting the spreadsheet running before and for the con would be good - save you lots of headaches, in the long run. (Says she who has yet to start entering this year's data into her accounting software at home.)

You're a remarkable artist - and fun, too!

Okay, that chicken is absolutely ADORABLE... so's the dustbunny.

Hi... I've been reading your rants since I discovered "Irrational Fears" on yerf.com, and I decided I had to get a LiveJournal. I rant a lot too *though not nearly so well* and draw *again, not so well, but I've got a LOT less practice and poor motor nerves* and write... but I just wanted to tell you, your journal entries have often made my day. As do your bighorn pears. *Oh dear, that sounds dirty.*


Lots of them?

I think Ursula's work can hardly be called doodles anymore, she's getter way too good :D , which is a good thing offcourse...
I enjoy your artwork as much as your Livejournal (it does compliment eachother)

Anyway, on a site note, did everyone see the public beta of Portland Studios new website? i really like these guys : http://www.portlandstudios.com/beta/

Keep up the good work everyone

Poor little witch. I guess, this being the machine age and all, that's what you get when you try to do your magic by hend!

*cackle* *cackle*

P.S. *Loved* the dust bunny!!! :)

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