April 7th, 2005


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Pure artistic self indulgence. Absolutely pure.

I giggled a lot while painting it, though, so that's obviously a sign. (Possibly a sign that I need some form of medication.)


And you gotta see the detail, or else you lose all the impact...


Doing a run of 15 LE jumbo prints for this one, again for $45. If these sell out as fast as the mole rat, then I'll bite the bullet and *gasp* *shudder* raise the price.

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*cough* Sheeeyit. Um. This is unexpected. If you want an LE jumbo print of the Azeazelbunny, there's...um....two left for on-line sale. I did NOT expect it to go so fast--the mole rat took like two weeks. I was planning on holding three for cons and auctions, and I'll probably pop one of those on Furbid in a day or two if demand continues, just so people get one more shot at it.

Err. Next time, I will charge more. Man. Who knew there was that kind of love for the demonbunnies? Dude.
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