April 8th, 2005


(no subject)

Today's installment of "Stuff That You Absolute Positively Under No Circumstances Are Gonna Get Any Sympathy For From Anybody"....

Deviantart. They like the demonbunny over there. A lot. Sort of ridiculously a lot. I now have 1300+ messages in my inbox, and that's not even starting on the comments. Because DA does not have a "clear all" function, I have had to clean out all 1300+ messages in chunks of 24.

Yeah, I know, poor me. O woe!

Also, I am suffering a mild hit of "tough-act-to-follow-ness" since whenever you do a really popular piece, you suffer a vague feeling that you will disappoint a bunch of new fans with whatever you do next. Generally it's best to do a quicky, something totally different, rather than try to prolong the magic. All my ideas at the moment involve blindfolded hamsters smoking a last cigarette before the firing squad, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. (Actually, that'd be pretty cute in a horrible way...)

Annnyway. Doesn't really matter, since I have Digger and the minicomic to be working on today, anyhow, and as I said, I don't expect any sympathy from anybody. *grin* I should have such problems every day!