April 25th, 2005


Rambling thoughts on Mothman, Animal X, and cryptozoological birding

So last night, I got stoned and did something I regretted.

I watched "Animal X" on Animal Planet.

For those who have been spared this horror, I will explain. It's a...cryptozoology show. Not a good one. One of that crop of unbelievably stupid ghost-hunter shows, where people who would make the average three-year-old look like a beady-eyed skeptic run around with a shaky camera and say "There's definitely something here!" They interview a handful of witnesses, many of whom would require a bath and anti-psychotics to be considered merely uncredible, and their idea of hard questioning is "Do you think you could have been mistaken?" "Um...no?" "WOW! That proves it, then!"
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Squirrel Topiary

Some bastard gnawing mammal--and I suspect I know which species!--has been pruning my rhodedendron! And trying to bury the evidence! I went out to water it today, and discovered that several of the green branches have been gnawed off, and the heads buried in the pot. Why?! What did the poor innocent rhody ever do to them?

James, while occasionally prone to peculiar behavior, is not given to random attacks of bonsai madness so far as I know, and probably would not use his teeth.

Those bastard squirrels.