April 27th, 2005


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Okay, boys and girls, it's time to play "My God, People Eat That?"

Having recieved lovely feedback about the deep-fried cheese curd, apotheosis of midwestern cuisine, and being in constant awe of the breadth of experience 'mongst my readers, I figured I'd see if anybody ELSE ever had these two dishes that my grandmother swore by. Or hell, even knew where they were from.

Green beans in buttermilk. Grandma loved green beans in buttermilk. Frozen green beans, in instant buttermilk in a pouch, mind you, hardly a masterpiece of the chef's art, but since nobody else I've known eats this in any variation, I'm wondering if anybody does, or knows of any region where my grandmother might have picked it up.

Hot lemonade. Now, this I drink all the time. Cure for what ails you! James, originally horrified by the notion, grudgingly admits that it isn't all that bad, but has not gone so far as to seek it out himself. Does anybody else do this?

Those are the only two WEIRD dishes I can remember Grandma eating...things like fudge with three cans of sweetened condensed milk were not weird so much as a cruel assault upon the willpower, capable of bringing strong men to their knees, and might have provided a clue to my grandmother's supernatural charisma and powers of persuasion.

I'd ask if anybody else eats sour cream raisin pie, but I suppose that's a long shot...

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I just watched two male cardinals...um....

One flew at the other in an apparent territorial rage. I watched with interest as there was a swirl of red wings, the two danced around briefly on the forest floor, and then...wait...one was on top of the other one, doing the little wing beaty thing, and...err...

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Okay, I could handle the defective squirrels, in all their disturbing variation. I could handle the bald titmouse and the stump-tailed wren, I could handle squirrel sex on the ground feeder and finch sex on the thistle seed feeder and sparrow sex on the ground. I can handle gay cardinals. I know all 'bout them gay animals, and am delighted to know it, being generally one in the eye of all those "It's UNNATURAL!" morons. I'm enlightened. If those cardinals wanna be gay, it's okay by me.

But jeez, I'm starting to feel like I'm in some kind of bizarre urban wildlife version of the Truman Show. I mean, where are all these animals COMING FROM!?