October 6th, 2005


The Curse of Labyrinth

Long-time readers will doubtless recall, from many posts past, this cry of despair. Today, we have an updated version.

For quite a long time, often on paintings with no relation to one another or anything else, over at DeviantArt, I would get comments that said "Hey, this reminds me of "Labyrinth!"

A lot of comments like this.

Day in, day out.

It is not the viewer's fault. Let me state this categorically. While I occasionally get one of those annoying sorts who makes it their goal to tell me who my influences are (and generally gets it wrong) most people are responding honestly and without artifice--this reminded them of something. Maybe it was the emotions invoked, maybe the sense of wonder or whimsy, and this is a genuine compliment. Maybe they really LIKED Labyrinth. This is usually praise, and an attempt to explain, often out of gratitude, why this moved them, to compare it to one of the greats of the fantasy pantheon. Hell, maybe it just bloody well looked like something from the movie. It's really not their fault that this is like saying "Wow, have you lost weight?!" to someone who just learned they're carrying around a gullet full of tapeworms. For those commenters on the Gearworld blog who may be squirming in their chairs now--s'okay. Really, it is. I do appreciate the thought, and the good will behind it. I am very glad that people want to talk about my work--without that, I'd be throwing art into the silent void, and I don't know how long I could do that before the silence drove me up the wall.

I just happen to have this muppet tapeworm, see...
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