October 31st, 2005


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Glancing through some old sketchbooks only confirms my place among the ranks of the peculiar. I can't decipher a lot of the thumbnails any more (some of them I still can) but my tendency to jot random small notes in an effort to explain myself to my future self provides no insight whatsoever. Some of them are kinda interesting in their own right, though, and I reproduce a few below for the viewers amusement.

Some favorite phrases include:
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So there's this young male squirrel that hangs out on the deck.

Yes, I know he's male. Believe me.

See, every time I see this squirrel, he's been...ah...is that an acorn in your pocket or...? Well, you get my drift. Today he had located one of the un-sprouted bulbs in a flower pot, dug it up, and was chomping it happily on the railing, while...yeah. This is the fourth or fifth time in the last week, so I don't think I'm just catching him at a bad time.

Actually, now that I think about it, I suppose it might not be the same squirrel each time. There's only the one distinguishing characteristic, and I am generally doing my damnedest NOT to look at it. So in theory, it could be a parade of unrelated male squirrels that for some reason find my deck railing particularly erotic.

This is even more disturbing a thought, and I think I prefer the notion of a squirrel with some kind of urinary tract infection or whatever causes these things. (I could google something about "persistent erections in grey squirrels" but I fear where I might wind up, and anyway, I've already balked at spiking the food with antibiotics.) I realize that my yard is apparently staked out with the small-animal equivalents of "Ursula's House 'O Ill Repute! Free Seed & Suet Bar!" but this is a new level of exhibitionism on behalf of the squirrel population. *sigh*

In other news, I have a full bowl of reeses cups for any trick-or-treaters. We had none last year (the other people in the duplex have "Beware of Dog" signs) and I expect none this year, but if they showed up and I didn't have any...well, the horror.