December 6th, 2005


Random Phrases

You know it's one of those evenings when you hear yourself say to your husband "You can appreciate a feminine tusk! I like that in a man!"

Of course, since it's James, he takes this completely in stride. And I like that in a man, too.

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See, this is what happens when I'm running around, clucking like the deranged, doing print orders, and a book cover, and Orc Nouveau on the side. "Digger" gets picked as one of the Best of 2005 by the Webcomics Examiner, and I miss it for two days until an Alert Reader (thank you!) sends me the link.

Something like this means little enough in the grand scheme of things--there's no money and minimal glory--but damnit, it's still nice to hear. Moreso because I bear great respect for some of the judges. Plus I can swipe it as a jacket quote for the next print volume, and that's always a good thing!

Meanwhile, printing continues. While it would be crass to state sales totals (and jumping the gun, since it's only the beginning of December) I will note that I have spent over $700 on ink, paper, and mailing stuff in the last month, which is like three times my usual monthly total. Christmas is big. Also exhausting. I need trained elves. (Unless they looked like Sings-to-Trees. That would just get me into trouble.)

Also, if you're in the US, and you want prints, and you want them by Christmas, now would be a fabulous time to order!