December 8th, 2005


Crossbreeding Earworms

For a coupla days now, I've had the song "Suicide is Painless" (better known as the M.A.S.H. theme) jammed tightly in my head. It's not a bad song, per se, but it'd make Pollyanna want to slit her wrists. It's there because Websnark mentioned it, not because I'm depressed, and it's the sort of hideously invasive earworm that gets there and sticks hard.

Yesterday morning, I woke up humming the Nuckalavee song from "Bard's Tale." This A) proves my unfitness for non-geek society, and B) had a really unfortunate side-effect. Due to the rhyme scheme, which must be the earworm equivalent of compatible genitalia or something, the two songs mated.

Their offspring goes something like:

"Suicide is painless,
It brings on many changes,
O Nuckalavee, who set you free--
he really must be an anus!"

Kill me now.

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Editing is weird.

I have, as some of you know, been in the process of getting "Black Dogs" my Obligatory Fantasy Novel whipped into shape, as Sofawolf is planning on publishing it. The first major chunk of edits has been done, and we're in the process of the second round of minor edits to fix whatever stuff the major edits threw out of whack (and fix my occasionally eclectic approach to punctuation and spelling. My spelling of various words hops the Atlantic every other paragraph, I fear.)

As you can see by the length of this post, editing--not my strong suit.
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