December 17th, 2005


Slice of Life -- X-mas Division

James and I were driving off to K-Mart to get a Gamecube for the sister-in-law and her family, when we saw a church. A huge sign out front advertised "LIVE NATIVITY SCENE!"

U: "Hmm, a live nativity scene."

J: "I wonder if they're nude!"

U: ...

U: "Why would they be nude?"

J: "Well, you know. Strip clubs advertise Live Girls, so I thought maybe a Live Nativity Scene..."

U: "You know, that's an interesting question. It's always "Live girls!" Does anybody have dead girls?"

J: "Probably not in this state."

(no subject)

I'm sorry. Really, I am. You're so patient with my doodlemania, and I've really exceeded the limit of Cute Sketches Every Five Minutes this weekend.

Still, have some more, as the nameless cute-evil-thingy engages in nameless cute-evil activities. With captions! Don't worry, it can't last. I have to mine out my inner angst to do anything with blood, and believe me, that mine's about six inches deep and runs less a yard. Digger could have it excavated in two hours, with a stop for a beer.

The best part is the tongue sticking out on the dead crow.