February 6th, 2006


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I should never have said that the idea of the mushroom brothel wasn't pounding at my brain. That was a deliberate provocation of the muse, and I am paying the price.

Not, specifically, for mushrooms, but as a result of seeing "Spirited Away" which had a vital service provided for the spirit world, my brain somehow got twisted around and is now wondering why you never see a fantasy brothel as a setting.

I don't mean a purely humanoid one, either, since various parties in various fantasy novels occasionally wander INTO brothels. I mean one that caters to the weird things. Where does the Unseelie Court go to unwind?

Warning: Somewhat Disturbing Musings Behind The Cut
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Continuing to doodle. Really, really don't have time to pursue this. Promise nothing. Etc.

Kingfisher (nipplage!)




I need to come up with a name for this place. I am torn between the reasonably tasteful "House of Red Fireflies" and the somewhat less tasteful "House of the Rutting Moon." (For a brief period my brain was stuck on "Rutting Acorn" which would have the most disturbing logo ever...) Or perhaps something else entirely. (I also like "Grandmother's House (of Ill Repute)" for that fairy-tale edge...) The image is starting to form in my brain, as valiantly as I fight it back...