February 8th, 2006


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Some writing about the House of Red Fireflies...

(Note: A whole bunch of people have expressed interest in various creative endeavors using this setting. I am not averse to the notion, but I also don't know how the heck I'm gonna do it--I suspect it'd be a very good shared world setting, but there's a lot involved with that sorta thing, and I don't want to deal with it just yet, since these things tend to blow over quickly, and it could be a lot of mental work for nothin'. However, if people are still interested in a week or so, and if I'm still enthralled by the idea, I'll post some of my concerns and questions about it and maybe people who have some experience with this sorta thing can weigh in. So I don't have answers yet, but keep an eye out.)

But for now, a rambling bit 'o world building!

The House of Red Fireflies is easy to find.

It shouldn’t be, being tucked in one of the illogical corners of the otherworld, but if you’re running a brothel, inaccessibility is a bad thing. So despite the winding road and the woods patrolled by small, grumpy, spear-carrying mushrooms, despite the narrow eyed black storks lurking at the crossroads and hitting up passers-by for small children and cigarettes, despite the swift currents and sudden backwaters of the Feverstream that runs by the House, despite the labyrinthine limestone passages deep underground that lead from the tastefully decorated maw of Hell to the somewhat less tastefully decorated sixth sub-basement of the House, the House remains paradoxically easy to find.

Practically all you have to do is set out in any reasonably enchanted woods with the intent of going there, and the next thing you know, the red lanterns are twinkling in the distance, like the fireflies from which the House takes its name.
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