March 13th, 2006


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A beautiful pair of eastern towhees out browsing under the neighbor's feeder this morning. Also a white-throated sparrow, and the usual suspects of goldfinches and juncoes.

Waiting to hear back on our offer on a house. We should know something, at least, around 10, and while I was mellow enough last night, I'm starting to get nervous. Since we saw some good houses yesterday, I'm not going to be crushed if we don't get it--there's obviously some good stuff available in our price range, and we just need to keep looking and get lucky--but it'd be nice. I'm not gonna talk the house up, though, so that I don't disappoint myself if our offer gets beat out. *grin*

Meanwhile, back to the grindstone...

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OH MY GOD. They like the offer. We're going in tonight to make a change to the contract they asked for, and

Well, hell, I don't know! We are likely to get the house!



...This also highlights something James pointed out last night. We have no furniture.

Oh, we've got a fine home-office set-up--we have priorities!--and a dining room table (courtesy of my stepmother) but using that for an actual dining room table is gonna gut my studio, where it's been my workspace. Other than that, we have a coupla bookcases, an exercise bike, and one half of a sectional sofa (It has only one arm.) Plus one wicker chair that James hates, which will get to live in my studio. This is the legacy of living in shoeboxes for a decade. I only stopped using a cardboard box with a tablecloth over it for a nightstand a few years back.

Since closing costs are going to make a major dent on our bottom line, we're not exactly in a position to go buy furniture for cash, and I hate to get out Mr. Credit Card so soon after mortgaging my soul, so we may wind up with a house full of art where you sit on the floor for awhile. (I suppose we could put my back-rack in the living room, but many guests may not wish to hang upside down while visiting.)

Still, as quandries go, there are far, far worse fates than going from "Where would we PUT that?" to "Holy crap, what're we gonna sit on?"

Oh god, I hope this actually goes through.

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Our realtor just called, and it's a done deal.


This assumes, of course, that we get the loans and the inspection doesn't turn up dynamite wired to the foundations and the survey doesn't reveal that the house is actually on the neighbor's lot, and that it doesn't burn down before we close--but assuming all those things, we're closing at the end of the month.

This is faster than anybody else was willing to close, which is why we got the house. We are willing to do this because we're insane, I think (and renters, so we don't have to sell a house before we get out.) The next three weeks are gonna be deranged.

Adding to the excitement, James will be flying out to GDC next week. So I get to do a commando packing job, while running around and signing paperwork. But fortunately, he's only out for a week, so all the really nasty jobs, like patching the holes in the walls of the rental and cleaning the carpet can wait 'til he gets back. Hopefully, we'll be able to continue renting for half a month, so we'll have time to do the one leisurely move of our existence.

Now that the contract is signed, I can actually talk about the house without fear of jinxing it! It's a split-level bungalow kinda thing, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1600 sq ft, which someone bought in apparently a disasterous state and flipped. When we saw it, the interior was largely gutted. This was actually a very good thing--we got to see the innards of the house and thus it was obvious that there were no huge rotten spots in the floor, no mold, etc. (The guy doing the renovating was also doing quite a good job, I am told--both James and our agent, who know more about these things than I do, said there was a lot of attention to the little things. So that's good!) The roof is literally brand new (i.e. we were watching him put it on) and the structure is beautifully sound. This is all a Good Thing.

The best thing, however, from my point of view, is that the huge backyard opens onto a greenway, complete with walking path and creek. (It slopes down--far far down--to the creek, so no flooding worries.) So the backyard is still largely shade ridden because of all the tres (my hopes of sun will be the front and sides) but it goes a good way into said trees, which then join up to the greenway, the greenway which joins up to Shelly Lake, with the end result that I am in birdwatching heaven. I'm gonna turn into one of those people buying fifty pound bags of birdseed. There's enough open space in the backyard that we'll be able to put in plenty of shade tolerants, and at some point lay a patio--James is adamant about drawing up a master plan before we embark on full scale planting, but I'm adamant that his master plan include sections where I can start popping in plants SOON, because expecting me to wait a year to put in plants, when I have a new house and it's high spring, is lunacy.


Also, if anybody happens to have nifty doorknobs, switchplates, drawer pulls, handles, whatever lying around, and would like to trade for prints, send me an e-mail...