June 5th, 2006


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E-mail still down. *grumble* But, oh well. No news is good news...

Today I begin that vast and terrifying task of filling the print books. This involves filing all the prints by little numbers, on an Excel spreadsheet, first into plastic envelopes, and then into folders in a file box. Since the file box broke last time, I'm also having to transfer them all to a shiny new plastic bin. This is not difficult, but involves a minor papersplosion, or papergasm, or something involving papers shooting everywhere and the cat really really wanting to walk on them, which is detrimental to the pristine print quality for which I desperately strive.

It's not a hard job, unless perhaps one has one of the various fidgety mental issues that make mindless, precise, repetitive tasks difficult. It's a boring, complicated job, though.

There's a painting I'd rather be working on, but I have to get this at least started first.

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There is a foot long turtle in the front yard.

He's just sitting there on the lawn.

Holy crap.

What do I do? He's probably a local, but the front yard! What if he goes for the street!?

His shell is damaged slightly, on one lower side--looks a bit crumpled. Not enough that I suspect damage to the innards, like you'd get from being hit by a car, more just one of the flap edges bent down a bit. Probably just a scar of a hard life. He's just...a turtle. On the lawn.

Good god.

Update: His shell measures 12 x 8. He is some species of slider--he pulls in whenever I get near, so I can't tell if it's a red-eared or not, but definitely a slider. He can walk under his own power, and so, as far as I'm concerned, can stay in the wild. There is a scuffed place in the lawn where he was sitting, leading me to believe that he either was digging around, or...god help us...maybe it was an impact crater. (Do birds of prey really pick up turtles, or is that just in "Small Gods"?) Regardless, he's fairly mobile. At the moment, he is basking. I am concerned that he may try to make a break for the road, so I'm going to have to move him.

Update Again: Okay, acting on better advice, I'll leave (her?) alone. I'll keep an eye out in case she goes for the street, though.

Jesus. The defective wildlife must have been saving up for this...

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Predictably, the turtle went for the road.

I helped her across, just in advance of the mail truck. She is now across the street, and ambling down the sidewalk like a good pedestrian. More than this, I cannot do--she made it this far, and if she makes it back home, wonderful. If I drag her down to the creek, she may just have to walk the whole damn way again, back across even more streets, so I'll wish her good luck and godspeed.

The scuffed patch of lawn...probably isn't turtle eggs...I can't imagine...but I will tell James to avoid fertilizing that patch just in case.

Jesus, and I thought today was gonna be dull.

This is particularly ironic because I'm currently working on one of those random god paintings of a wicked turtle woman. I am a desperately rational being, I am and it is purely coincidence. It's just...weird, is all.