October 21st, 2006


Elf vs. Orc, Part 7

I appreciate you guys not nagging me about posting more, unlike some of the people over at DA. *grin* I suspect the community over there is just too large for me to expect the word of the perversity of my particular muse to spread. Oh, well.

People really did use dried corncobs as toilet paper in more primitive times. Don't ask me how that worked, but internet investigation turns up that apparently it works pretty well, if you're sufficiently rural to have a stock of dried corncobs on hand.

Also, I have now finally achieved my life-long goal of writing fantasy where people actually go to the bathroom. I am proud. Our realism may fail on every other front, but by god, we've got a realistic outhouse!

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Our neighbor across the street is burning leaves.

With a flamethrower.

He's a very likeable guy, and his wife watches our cat when we're out of town. I get the impression he's a kind of crazed do-it-yourselfer more than anything else.

Come to think of it, that may be a homemade flamethrower...