November 7th, 2006


Note to US Readers:

If you haven't registered to vote by now, it may not be a lost cause--you can still cast provisional ballots in a lot of areas. It never hurts to check. You can find out where you'd be voting by looking up your county on-line, along with words like "State Election Board."

I realize midterms aren't as sexy as presidential elections, but they really, honestly, genuinely make a difference. The current crop can REALLY make a difference.

It's worth the minimal chunk of your time. It secures your right to complain later. If you're not voting because you don't like anything about politics--well, consider, because you're a non-voter, there's absolutely no reason for politicians to do anything on your behalf. The only way to get your demands met is to be important to the process, and the only way to get important to the process is to vote. Not voting because you want other choices is like not bailing out the boat because you wanted to take a plane. You aren't gonna get your plane, we're all just gonna drown together.

If you're not happy with the way things are going, if you don't like the war, the economy, the state of the world, then don't sulk at home--vote, damnit.

If you love our current policies, if you're convinced that Bush is all that stands between us and weekly bombings--then I also suggest you get out and vote, 'cos otherwise those of us who are majorly pissed are gonna kick you to the curb.

Either way. Just take responsibility. Make politicians fear your power. Vote.


(no subject)

Athena and Ben are...slowly...coming to terms. Their current interactions involve getting really close and waving their paws in the air, with a growling and hissing accompaniment, but not actually hitting each other. Yesterday, they added The Chase, where they tear around the house, scaring the crap out of each other. Each chase ends in Athena bouncing along, stiff-legged, looking miffed, and Ben flopped on his side--but they never seem to actually touch.

The stairs are the battleground of choice, with the banisters the second favorite. It's not exactly friendly--Athena still sounds like a raccoon in a meat grinder--but it's not exactly hostile, either, and nobody's getting bitten or clawed, so I guess it's progress. I suspect they sort of enjoy some parts of it, anyway.

Ben's shaping up to be a great cat. He's definitely a bit calmer than he was, he's getting much more snuggly, and after a few yowls, he's stopped the hand disembowling pretty nicely. (It was rather cute yesterday--he extended a tentative claw toward my sock, watching me nervously. I yowled as soon as he hooked the fabric--the feet are DEFINITELY off-limits--and he retracted it immediately and sat on his paw, meatloaf-fashion.) I get daily cat-hugs now, too.

Athena's been a little too tense for major snuggling--pick her up and she grumbles and wants to get down--but can still be depended upon to supervise the daily nap. So that's something.

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Neverwinter Nights 2 is pretty good. I'm enjoying it, anyway. They added some neat stuff, and overall, it's the same NWN that we know and love, only with more party members (the dwarven fighter's a particular favorite of mine, but then, y'know me.)

It does serve to reinforce a point of mine, though--I am just incapable of being bad in these games. Anything where your alignment is under your control--Fable, Jade Empire, whatever, I am so damn nice it's almost obnoxious. I'm playing a rogue, and I went and joined the city watch. I just can't bring myself to take people's money and eat puppies and whatnot.

This is ironic, granted the constant kerfluffle about video games teaching you to engage in unsocial behaviors. Fear me! I am locating lost children and refusing any reward! Lock up your daughters!

Also ironically, in actual tabletop games, I am much more of a bastard. Possibly this is because I have so much more chance to be annoyed by people in tabletop gaming, possibly it's because when everyone else in the party is dismembering goblins and chewing on their severed arms to terrify the enemy, it just seems like the thing to do, possibly it's that Mouse was ALWAYS the one who had to seduce the contact, and jeez, for once couldn't somebody else do it? The rigger, maybe? or maybe it's just that there's a sheer visceral thrill to beheading the enemy with dice that doesn't actually translate to watching pixels fill down that spurs one to greater heights of mayhem--I don't know what it is. All I know is that I could start a game of NWN as Chaotic Evil and wind up Lawful Good by the end boss.

Hmm, maybe I should try that...

Oh, and this is pretty damn cool news about "Black Dogs," too!