January 26th, 2007


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Frantically prepping for a show over at Mr. Toad's Coffee House--my buddy Carlota had mentioned that I was up at the end of January, and of course with recent stresses, I didn't exactly retain that knowledge. Then Wednesday Carlota said "Uh...that needs to go up Friday..." and so I've been in minor lunacy for the last coupla days.

It'll be a little over half prints, just because I can't do that many originals in two days, and I couldn't get mats cut for the existing backlog. But that's okay. Prints will probably sell a lot better anyway--people will drop $25 on art when they wouldn't drop $400+.

In desperation, the one existing Gearworld painting that I haven't ever photographed, scanned, or sold, will be hauled down off the wall and given pride of place. Heh. I really gotta get a photo of that some time...

Anyway, if you're in Cary, NC any time in the next month, swing by Mr. Toad's Coffee House on the corner of High House and Cary Parkway, and check out the art!

The unknown Gearworld painting!


This has been on my wall for ages, and only now that I'm sending it off to a show do I get the urge to scan it...

Bowing to the advice of friends who are acting really, really noble about the whole thing,* this painting will be on e-bay in the near future, with a starting bid of 2K. I will post here and over at DA when it goes up, in case anybody's interested.

*Heck, I need money, I woulda sold it cheap, but they were just determined to be decent about it!