February 12th, 2007


Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Me Into, Art...

So James went out to a gallery opening awhile back, picked up a business card, and handed it to me, saying "Dude! You should contact them--they're pretty new, they might really like your art!"

"Okay," sez I, and last night, more or less on a whim, sent 'em an e-mail saying "Hey, are you taking art submissions?"

And they replied this morning telling me to call and set up an appointment for the gallery owner to take a look at my art.

This is a good thing! This has possibilities! If I can wow them with my brilliance, (or at least nudge them with my oddity) I may be able to get a show--in a real gallery, not a coffee shop*--and how cool would that be?

Unfortunately, it's also brought me slam up against a great baffling wall of my own ignorance, because while I know a good bit about the internet side of things, I do not know much about the process of getting into galleries. What the heck do I bring? Is it like a portfolio review--I should bring in a dozen prints in a binder, say? (Preferably with the descriptions underneath, since I know they're a major selling point.)

Which brings me smack up against the other wall of my ignorance--oh crap, what do I put in a portfolio for a gallery?

I'm thinking more fine art-ish, granted the venue. Unfortunately, it can't be Gearworld, because if I tried to force out a Gearworld show, my muse would dry up like a salamander in a sand dune. I know my limits there. So I'm left with things that are weird and whimsical but still...err...non-commercial enough not to put the hackles up on a fine art establishment, if ya know what I mean. (If Nurk does well, my cute work will finally have legitimacy, but I don't think this particular gallery is the time or place for ragingly cute stuff.)

I'm thinkin' the Watermelon Shoes and some of the Weird Fruit might be a good choice.

Pity it's not a few months from now, when I've discovered my love of giant abstract chickens...

*It's a fabulous coffee shop, mind you, but it's still not quite the same thing.