February 20th, 2007


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I have not been getting much art done this month--by which I mean "practically any." I am trying not to be too hard on myself about that, since I did just move into a new place, on my own, plus the emotional upheaval, plus I started a new job. All good excuses, but nobody ever got into the art history books based on the quality of their excuses, and excuses don't pay the bills.

Did get a couple of sketches done, did get this four-foot tall chicken painting about halfway done, but still, they're not finished and...y'know...real yet.

Still, with some relief, I did manage to get the next Digger cover done, which isn't a bad little painting in its own right, of the character Boneclaw Mother.

Digger Seven Cover

It doesn't assuage the guilt of the lack of art this month. I did get my portfolio and resume ready to go for the gallery interview, which should be sometime this week, but still...art guilt.

I think artists--creative types in general, probably--need some form of confession. Obviously, if you're gonna have guilt, you gotta have a ritual mechanism to expiate it, right? So we need art confessionals, where we can slouch behind the little screen and say "Forgive me, Art, for I have sinned. It has been three weeks and four days since my last painting..."

Then we could say a coupla Hail Mary's and go back to the studio with a lighter heart.

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So I went in to the gallery today, prints and the Watermelon Heels original tucked 'neath my arm, and talked to the gallery owner.

She liked St. Egg, and the fruit shoes, and the collaged magnolia warbler. (The weird fruit were a little too silly, and digital art was of no interest to her whatsoever--and I don't think she read a single image description, which is sort of a shame, but ah, well. Galleries are notoriously peculiar and subjective in taste, so that she liked anything was a coup. I ain't gonna complain.) 

She wants to see a proposal for a themed show--we discussed one of weird saint icons, like St. Egg--and she checked the availability of dates, and said something to the effect of "Let's shoot for April/May 2008, I've got an opening then." It's not quite a promise of a show, but I'm told by my folks that when they mention specific dates/number of pieces/etc, it's a good sign.

So now I gotta whip up a proposal for a show of weird saint icons--but this is promising!