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(no subject)

Watched "Donnie Darko" last night for the second time. That movie makes a little more sense the second time around, but a lot more sense if you go read the director's commentary about tangent universes and the manipulated dead.

Spent much of the night trying not to look anywhere for fear of seeing Frank the Bunny. For such a low-budget costume, that was one scary-ass bunny mask.

Today, mailing, grocery shopping, and hopefully painting. And D&D!

Last week we foiled our GM's plans for several sessions to come, much to her dismay. Still, she couldn't have predicted that stupidly epic moment. The hideous demon, having escaped from the box, was crouching on the alley wall twenty feet up and preparing to spit vileness at the paladin (who had been screaming "KILLITKILLITKILLIT!" Deeply Reasonable Cleric: "Err, shouldn't we try to determine what it is first...?" "NO! KILL IT!" My paladin gets a little irrational at times.) Non-magical weapons can't touch it. Low-level spells can't touch it. My paladin has that wonderfully hostile magic sword, but how does he get twenty feet up a wall?

"Well, you could have the Warforged throw the paladin," says our smartass sorcerer, as yet another spell bounces off.

Paladin considers this for a moment, turns to the Warforged tank and says "Do it."

There is a brief discussion of whether it is easier to fling the paladin or to have the paladin use the warforged as a staircase. Flinging is decided upon. Warforged picked up paladin. Paladin prepares to leap. Rogue turns to cleric and says "Oh, this ought to be goooood."

Paladin is flung. Dice are rolled. GM shakes head, waits for a damp armored splat, or at best, a wild swing and miss. Numbers are crunched. Astonishingly, paladin does not splat. (Warforged is very...very...strong.) Paladin flies, sword in hand, toward the rather startled enemy.

And really, with a set-up that absurd, what could happen but a natural twenty?* On a smite evil roll, with a majorly enchanted sword, which criticals.

Paladin cuts plot for the next three sessions in half, falls, does not land on his sword (thank god) stands for a moment in a rain of demon bits and then sits down and laughs hysterically, and vows to tithe heavily at the next temple they come to.

"I had such plans," our GM said mournfully. "It was going to get loose on the ship and eat the crew one by one, Alien-style, and then get loose in the town ala Perdido Street Station.  My beautiful infectious monster...*sniffle.*"

I felt bad. But c'mon, the dice just wanted that one. She'll just have to come up with something even worse...

*Note for non-D&Ders--rolling a 20 on a 20-sided dice means you hit automatically, and have a chance to do a lot 'o damage.


No Predicting Anything

So I submitted two pieces to the juried Fine Arts League of Cary show--"Watermelon Heels" and "White Rabbit." My thinking was that Watermelon Heels was probably a shoo-in (pun intended) and White Rabbit was a bit of a long shot, but hey, it was an original and I had it laying around.

Instead, of course, the rabbit gets in and the heels don't. Popularity-wise, that is exactly contrary to public opinion, which loved the heels and was pretty lukewarm on the rabbit. (I even had the woman who called me say that she loved the heels. Go figure.)

Still, at least something got in!

Now, if only someone would buy it...


(no subject)

Another potentially Very Cool Thing from my agent, which I won't tell, for fear of jinxing/getting people's hopes up/etc.

But in the meantime, Beelzebear.


(no subject)

Well, I'll be damned--my CNN debut!

It's not much, but...

It's just a list of things reviewed in Library Journal, but they listed Black Dogs, which is nice. (Way down in the "South" section. Apparently I'm now a Southern Writer. This worries me greatly.)

Funny, I always thought my first mention on CNN would involve phrases like "high speed car chase" and "noted marsupial smuggler..."