April 25th, 2007


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It's gonna be hot today.

It's already warm, but the sky is felted with humidity, and that's the sign of a scorcher. It's a day to sit out on the veranda with a mint julep in hand and a pitcher of sweet tea on the table (if we are being appropriately Southern) or to take cool showers and eat root beer popsicles (if we're bein' me.)

Eventually I'll break, close up the windows, and turn the AC on. My neighbors have already succumbed. But I like to stave it off as long as possible, because the air outside is full of bird calls, and smells like plants and sun and freshly mown grass, instead of the human-cat-cooking-heating-duct-air-freshener smell that most apartments acquire.

I have too much to do, and very little of it I can proceed with without word from various parties, so I am hovering over my e-mail (not good for one's sanity) and trying to hammer out the things I CAN do...CD's to burn, prints to print, etc, etc. Without final confirmation on my trip to LA, I am caught in the anxious state of not knowing whether to be in panic mode or not, or when my panic deadline is supposed to be. Stressful stuff, all around.

EMG Wants You!

Hey there, world!

Are you creative? Can you fake it? Got a great idea for an article about Stuff You Have Learned About Art/Writing/Creativity/Chickens*? Got art? Got anything?

EMG-Zine, which carries my column "Wombat Droppings" (and yes, there's a new one this upcoming month--enough moping out of me, back to the grindstone!) is lookin' for content for the next coupla months, and needs your help! Text, art, whatever! If you can write coherently, if you have something to say, or can say nothing in an entertaining fashion for eight or nine-hundred words, if you can paint, if you have already painted and have something thematically appropriate--EMG-Zine wants you!

It pays in EMG credit, which can be used to Buy Stuff at the cool EMG store (and have I mentioned that they carry my t-shirts? They do. Plus a bunch 'o prints, mousepads, and all kinds of cool stuff.)

Submission Guidelines

Go! Write! See your name up in pixels! Get cool stuff! AGGHHHH! THE COOLNESS, IT BURNS US!

(pant, pant)

See, this is why I never went into advertising. I sound like an insecure carnival barker with a bad bladder. Still!

*I can't swear they need chicken related content, but if it's good, it might be worth a shot.