May 10th, 2007


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My dreams are often a mishmash of things, but real estate and Bleach was a new one on me. (That's what I get for watching anime right before bed...)

The house surrounded by black prairie dogs was pretty cool--weird, painted concrete walls in many of the rooms, sort of hippie industrial chic. I coulda lived there.

But you really don't want Ichimaru Gin as your real estate agent. That was just downright creepy. And he was NOT sympathetic to my requests that the home be landscaped with native species before I moved in, either.

*NOTE* May be some bleach spoilers in the comments. You've been warned.

Smokin' Chicken Shrine

Here's the second of the little shrines! (Yes, I feel terribly guilty about the inaccuracy of the chicken wing. I tried so very hard...*sigh*)

Smokin' Chicken!

Meanwhile, Happy Cthulhu's little house at R'lyeh procedes apace. Modeling paste takes way too long to dry.

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Whoever told me to read the Bleach manga, you're a lousy enabler and you oughta be ashamed.

I ordered the first three books (and in keeping with ancient laws of prophecy, volume 1 arrived last.) And I read them. Now I'm downloading like a lunatic. And I still don't know WHY! What is the demented appeal of this comic? I can't even follow most of the fight scenes! Arrrgh!

Much more of this, and I'll start getting urges to do manga, and then, as Pratchett might say, there's nothing for it but a flamethrower.