May 13th, 2007


Further Adventures In Retail

So today at work, the God Lady came in.

The God Lady is...well, not to mince words, batshit insane. That would probably be okay, because if it wasn't for the batshit insane, retail jobs would lose half their customers and all their amusement value. If she confined herself to telling my female co-workers to make "the boys" lift anything heavier than a single canvas, because otherwise they'd "strain their woman parts," she would be merely an entertaining footnote to the day.

However, God Lady...well, apparently God talks to her. Gives her visions. She paints what God tells her to.

Now, far be it from me to question how anybody wants to experience the divine. God tells you to paint, it is not my job or my place to say you nay.

I just wish God didn't require quite so much glitter.  Leaving aside all questions of aesthetics, it gets in everything. We're picking bits of divinity off other people's art for days.
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