May 17th, 2007


A Buncha Things To Do Before You Die

So the other day, following my usual trail of internet bread crumbs, I ran across someone saying, flippantly, "Oh, well, something else to do before you die," on the subject of Brazilian waxing, and that got me thinking.

I'm young. (Eleven days to thirty!) I'm single. I have a car, if not much disposable income. Now is a great time to knock a bunch of things off that shadowy list of Stuff To Do Before Expiring.

Thing is...can't find a list. I know that "100 Things To Do Before You Die" goes around as a meme now and again, but couldn't locate one. I know that there's a book of that title, but it's all travel stuff, which isn't really feasible at the moment--and anyway, I was thinking of the little things, the small, flippant stuff like "eat sushi" or "get a Brazilian wax" that make one a marginally more well-rounded person--or at least a person with more anecdotes to share!

But hey, we've got what--twenty-five hundred people reading this blog? And we're all smart people of impeccable taste, right? RIGHT?

So, O blog readers! What do you think are some things--not major, life-shaking, to-be-contemplated-gravely-in-advance things, but small-to-medium things that everybody should do before they die?
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We have confirmation!

Looks like Sunday I head off to the wilds of LA for three weeks! Then I'll come back, and have exactly...four days to prep for Heroes Con.

Sweet mother of bunnies. If Mister Printy wasn't such an amazingly speedy beast, I'd panic right now. I think, however, that technology may save me on that one--it'll be a manic four days, and I couldn't do it with my old machine, but I have great faith in Mister Printy.  If anything can produce an entire stock of prints for a con, from more or less the ground up, in four days, it can!

I'm in the fretful haze of preparations, most of which don't need to be done right away, but which give me something to fret over and feel like I'm doing something. I've got the Digger hiatus set up to run, hopefully smoothly. (Editor: "Digger? On break? Hell has officially frozen over!") I made the hotel reservation for Heroes Con. I bought a toiletry kit that unfolds to hang by a little hook (and which I gotta admit is pretty slick and has serious points over the traditional Ursulaline "Shove everything in a ziploc bag" method.)  The last print orders before my trip are set to go out the door tomorrow. My stylist managed to fit me in tomorrow afternoon for the haircut that follows the straightening so that I won't go out lookin' scruffy and disgrace the honor of North Carolina hair care.  Ben will go off to stay with James on Saturday so that we don't play Cat Carrier Roulette with a plane waiting.

I am about to start packing, which will allow me to decide if my single suitcase will do, or if I should go back to Target and blow forty bucks on the four piece luggage set (in VERY girly lavender) which I coveted briefly. Packing when I've still got two full days left to go is kind of stupid, but it'll give me something to do instead of jitter in place.

I'll have my faithful convention laptop, so I'll still have internet and e-mail, assuming I can find a wireless connection in LA (I suspect this will not be a problem.) I have many books on birding in LA, courtesy of several very kind people.

I'm twitchier than a gaffed fish. I think I've been waiting on this too long, and I need it too badly, or something.