June 30th, 2007


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Say, if you were part of the book cull, and have not yet gotten a shipping quote, can you e-mail me (and include your LJ handle)? I've finally got quotes for all the books now,  but I'm starting to founder on who all has gotten them, since the LJ handles don't always align with the e-mail names. Everything that's been paid for has been mailed out, but there's still some here that need to get sent...

I'm at ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com

More Happy Cthulhu!

There's a kind of sick joy in painting Happy Cthulhu. I sort of want to paint Happy Shub-Niggurath and Happy Deep Ones now. (Most of the others, alas, do not happy well. How one makes the blind idiot chaos at the heart of creation happy is unknowable, and I can't even find the mouth on congeries of pale glowing orbs of frothing nuclear slime...)

Clean as a wet shoggoth!

The soaps will indeed be available through Ellen Million at some point...