October 30th, 2007


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Last night I had a dream that I was roaming video game stores looking for a Wii.

No one had them. Okay, fine. Then--and this has me stumped--I was roaming the video game stores looking for a copy of "Dance Dance Revolution."


I've never even played DDR! I never had any desire to play DDR! I have seen no references to DDR in recent days that might cause such a thing to ooze into my subconscious!

I'm not sure if I should have a stern talking to with my brain, or take this as a sign and go buy a copy forthwith.

They Gave Me Power Tools, Officer!

...and astonishingly, I did not kill myself with them. In fact, I used an electric drill all by myself, drilled anchor holes, inserted anchors, hung heavy art, and nobody died or anything!

I realize this doesn't sound like much, but you're talking to possibly the least mechanically inclined person on the face of the earth. My mastery of power tools has heretofore begun and ended with the electric screwdriver, with which I am reasonably proficient after all that time in the frame shop. So I am proud, damnit, even if those of you who took shop class are rolling your eyes at this point. We celebrate our small victories!

We may question the sanity of Deb's husband, who loaned me his drill, but not too loudly.

Now I just need a dremel for Christmas, and I'll be accidentally punching a hole in my carotid artery before you know it!