December 6th, 2007


(no subject)

Running off prints, can't do too much on the computer in terms of painting while I do, so it's time for another Random Unfinished Art Dump!

Brothel Tree -- sepiatone fooling around with the idea of the fantasy brothel, the House of Red Fireflies. (One of these days...)

-- Perfectly straightforward wildlife art. No wonder I never finished it.

Revenge of the Demon Tomato -- Heh heh heh. I kinda like this one.

Depression -- Me? Heavyhanded symbolism? Pfffff!

Battlesquash -- Man, I should totally watercolor this one sometime.

Girl With Chicken -- Something about this one really appeals to me, I just don't know if it'd translate into a painting or if the simplicity of the sketch is what pulls it off.